Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Thrift Haul

In an effort to start updating this blog more often, I'm going to start a new feature about my weekly thrift scores and things I had to leave behind. Without further ado... here we go!

I found the set of 4 melamine burlap tumblers at a Salvation Army on their 50% off day. I already have 8 of them that my boyfriend's mom gave me but I can never leave these behind. They're in pretty good shape but one has a crack on the outer plastic. I may keep them to add to my collection or they may go up in the Etsy shop. I love the pastel combined with the natural burlap. They're super tiki, summer bbq style! $3.59 for 4, but half price so I got 4 for $1.80.

I also found the little ice cream dishes at the same shop. Definitely keeping these :) They're perfect for ice cream sundaes. I'll be keeping an eye out for more so I can complete the set. $1.59 for 2, but half price so I paid $0.80 :)

The two pairs of vintage sunglasses are in need of a serious cleaning but they're just my style. I can never leave sweet 70s / 80s shades when I find them. The top pair is a great purple shade, the bottom pair is an avocado green. I wish I had a picture of the side arm details. I think a good cleaning and a little dab of Goo Gone should make these wearable. Definitely keeping the purple pair, the green pair may end up in the Etsy shop. $0.99 each, but half price, so I paid $0.50 each.

The amber / yellow glass decanter is from Am Vets Thrift Store in Lakewood, CA. I actually was going to pass on it because I'm trying to only buy things I will actually use or sell, but something convinced me to grab it. I'm glad I did. I don't know anything about this type of glassware except that I see it pretty often in the thrifts. It will look cool with my vintage bar accessories. I paid $1.95.

I found the bar set at the Salvation Army as well. Upon close inspection, I realized it was real wood and stainless steal, made in Japan. You can't quite tell from the photo but it's really good quality and looks like it was never used. Since it's made in Japan and judging by the packaging... I'm assuming it's from the 70s. Any ideas? It was $4, but it was half price day so I got the set for $2. 

The crazy floral pattern is a maxi skirt I found at Am Vets. It's handmade and a bit too small / not my style so it will be in the Etsy shop soon. 

And finally, the gold / white towel is from Am Vets as well. It looks like it was never used... it's still super plush. A good washing and it will be a nice addition to my bathroom. I paid $1.95.

Not many clothes this week but more housewares, which is never a bad thing. I found so many clothes recently on our cross country road trip that I think I may have run out of luck locally ;) More to come next week, but in the meantime - what have you found lately in the thrifts / yard sales / estate sales?

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