Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slow week of thrift finds but good week for Etsy sellin'!

It's been a slow week for thrifting. All I found so far was this vintage Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book. This edition is from 1961 and is the hard cover with the binder and tabs. I love all the old BH&G books - especially the cookbooks from the 60s (kitchen kitsch!). This book displays nicely on my mantle. A nice score for $2.49 at Goodwill.

Front cover

A look inside - love the little kid's cowboy hats!

The colorful back cover!

Thrifting in Conejo Valley kind of.... sucks. The merchandise isn't terribly overpriced it just moves slooooooowly and isn't very interesting. I know that the San Fernando Valley and Ventura offer new places to explore so I'm going to get on that. I think this area is just too new to hold many vintage treasures. Or maybe I'm just spoiled rotten after my cross country road trip thrift-a-thon.

Etsy has been picking up a bit the last week which is fabulous. This is a slow time of year for retailers. I'm still working hard to bring you vintage goodies that I picked up while on my trip. I'm listing several new items everyday. Here is a little rundown of what's new to Good Luxe Vintage!

Mod 60s psychedelic bikini, size small

Mid century peachy button up blouse, size medium / large

70s ascot tie nautical secretary mini dress, size medium

Floral Peter Pan lace collar maxi dress, size xs / s

Plaid A-line skirt with eyelet lace trim, size small

Vintage Bass woven leather cream kitten heels, size 8

Floral prairie mini dress with eyelet lace trim, size small / medium

And last but not least... I'm playing around with some free business card software courtesy of Avery Labels. They offer all sorts of FREEEEEEE templates for business cards, address labels... you name it, they have it. You can design right on their site using Flash, no programs to download. Then you save it as a .pdf and either print it yourself or get it printed professionally at Kinkos/FedEx Office like I did. I'm really pleased with how my "cards" came out. They're mostly for tucking into Etsy packages with a thank you note. It costs $1.29 a page to print on cardstock at FedEx Office. Here's my first edition... I will definitely be making new designs :)

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  1. Excellent clothing scores, I LOVE that swimsuit! I have three of those garden books in different editions, love 'em.